What do u thk JJ really meant by changes.

Coaches hired in 2010;
-Seahawks-Future QB,,made the playoffs this year.
Team looks like they are there for awhile
-Redskins, Rookie QB..East Champs, playoffs. Future at qb and rb. Could be competitive for yrs.
-Cowboys, ????

-49ers-Only issue is which QB to keep..Yet Colin played well once called on..
-Denver--Brought in Payton,,,wham-o
-Carolina, Titans.
Two of these teams hit the jackpot, two other teams still rebuilding..one looks more promising than the other..Time will tell..

-Vikings,,made the palyoffs with ponder
-Colts, Rookie QB and yet strong enough to compete..
Jags, miami, Oakland, rams, bucs.

Bottom line is you have to have a grt GM and a Grt OC.
Teams that are in the playoffs, 3 of those teams have rookie qb.
Even with Colin coming in thus yr for teh 49ers and Ponder playing well enough.
All have grt coaching staff that prepare their players to play,regardless if they've been starters before or not.

-Rams and Bucs looked good this season, time will tell.

-Players either get better, get worse or stay the same.
Same goes for coaches. Jason has never gotten better but has stayed the same. That's why he's an easy coach to play against. Players respond the way he coaches, Stale.
They need an OC to help him out or get another coach that can manage the play calling.

Any thoughts...