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1) Arizona has shopped him so much that a trade seems likely.

2) He's 25 years old.

3) Has posted an .898 OPS two times (2009 and 2011) with a 3.8 WAR and 5.7 WAR in those years. Voted to the All Star team both times.

3) Every year, his OBP is .355 or higher and history shows that will increase as he enters his prime and becomes a better ball player.

4) He's right handed, Yankees have Gardner, Granderson, and Ichiro all lefties.

5) Wouldn't cost as much as Giancarlo Stanton.

6) Arizona doesn't need a Short stop anymore, they have changed their original stance in terms of what they want back in a trade.

7) Finished second in the NL in runs scored with 107. Only Ryan Braun scored more times than Upton did.

8) Worried about Cano after 2013. He might not return and this team will be screwed without youth to build around.

9) His contract keeps him with us until 2015 (2013: $9.75 million, 2014: $14.25 million, 2015: $14.5 million)

10) Upside in acquiring him, far out weighs the downside. We need to make improvements to the Offense. You can't expect to be the same hitting team after losing the power supplied by Ibanez, Swisher, Chavez, and Arod.
Stanton hasn't even hit arbitration yet. Stanton is much cheaper at this point and for the next few years.