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It should be quite apparent that big name free agents in their prime DO NOT WANT TO COME or live in Dallas for whatever reason.. Not as glamorous as So Cal, Miami Beach or NYC/Brooklyn. Let's face it unless we happen to hit the lottery (literally) with a young stud like Durrant we may be facing years of mediocrity. Breaking the band up too soon may be looked at as a monumental failure if we live in the mediocre abyss for the next decade. Perhaps Cubes will sell the team after a few more years like this one..
That's untrue. CP3 and Howard spoke of coming here and planned to. Until Dwight started waffling because he didn't want to let the people of Orlando down and all that jazz. CP3 said when Howard wouldn't commit, that's when he forced his trade out of New Orleans. That was directly from CP3. I'd say it doesn't get anymore clear than that.

That being said, it's not the same as living in LA or NYC. Which does close the door on some players. I can't imagine a guy like Lebron choosing to live here. But not every player needs the bright lights. The real truth is, there's just not that many star players out there. For D-Will, there were 29 losing teams. And Dallas made his top two. For CP3, Dallas was his destination of choice in free agency, but he received a trade. Dwight had us on his list of three teams (BKN, LA, DAL). Three players in the last year had Dallas as their first, second or third choice. How can you argue this is a place players don't want to play? That's three legit star players.