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I think we have to draft him. The only other option that I believe we should consider is trading down and drafting Dee Milliner from Alabama, but with that being said, I think Te'o would have more of a impact than Milliner would have.

The Lions last 10 LB draft choices:
1. Hogue, Doug - Syracuse (Waived)
2. Levy, DeAndre - Wisconsin (Still on team)
3. Follett, Zack - California (Retired)
4. Dizon, Jordon - Colorado (Released)
5. Campbell, Caleb - Army (Waived)
6. Baldwin, Johnny - Alabama A&M (Released)
7. Sims, Ernie - Florida St. (Traded)
8. Cannon, Anthony - Tulane (Released)
9. Goddard, Johnathan - Marshall (Released)
10. Lehman, Teddy - Oklahoma (Released)

Of these 10, IMO, only Levy and Sims are/were capable of playing in the NFL. With Te'o being available at the 5 spot, we have to take him. It's time we took a LB that is more than capable of running our defense. Someone with this much upside and with his leadership, passion, and drive, would be nothing but beneficial for this team.

This kinda reminds me of the curry talk, But Teo IMO will be a nfl great one day.. this guy has that Ray Lewis intensity about him.. Im just not sure we can pass him up with 2 of our starters FAs.. Resign one and bring in teo..