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    Quote Originally Posted by StoicSentry View Post

    Sorry, he didn't use those exact words.

    He said "We need an infusion of productive players," and made several comments about expecting the roster to look much different on opening day 2014.
    Well, opening day 2014 is 15 months away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dugmet View Post
    Well, opening day 2014 is 15 months away.
    2013, rather. See, I've already forgotten about this season haha

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    The Mets are interested in signing RHP Kip Wells to a minor league contract, reports Evan Drellich of

    Wells, who turns 36 in April, went 2-4 with a 4.58 ERA in seven starts with the Padres in 2012.
    More retreads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dugmet View Post
    Well, opening day 2014 is 15 months away.
    That days roster will tell what the future holds.
    If next winter they do the same as this, it will never change, and we become the Pirates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by metswon69 View Post

    What towering ambition my team has...

    "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars"

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    Mets' payroll currently $95 million*
    By Adam Rubin |

    With Bobby Parnell’s contract settled and arbitration-eligible Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy having exchanged figures with the club, we can get a better idea of what the Mets’ payroll will look like in 2013.

    Mind you, there still could be an addition of Scott Hairston (or another outfielder) and Chris Young (or another starting pitcher) ... plus bullpen help. But let’s estimate where things are right now -- taking the midpoint of Murph and Ike’s figures, where they might settle before a hearing.

    We’ll use $500,000 for all the players not yet eligible for arbitration, since that’s a simple and round number and reasonable approximation.

    Ruben Tejada, ss -- $500,000
    Murphy, 2b -- $2.975 million (midpoint)
    David Wright, 3b -- $11 million
    Davis, 1b -- $3.2625 million (midpoint)
    John Buck, c -- $6 million
    Lucas Duda, lf -- $500,000
    Mike Baxter, rf -- $500,000
    Kirk Nieuwenhuis, cf -- $500,000

    The bench might include:

    Anthony Recker, c -- $500,000
    Justin Turner, if -- $500,000
    Andrew Brown, of -- $500,000
    Brandon Hicks, if -- $500,000
    Collin Cowgill, of -- $500,000


    Jonathon Niese, lhp -- $3 million
    Matt Harvey, rhp -- $500,000
    Johan Santana, lhp -- $31 million
    Dillon Gee, rhp -- $500,000
    Jenrry Mejia, rhp -- $500,000


    Frank Francisco, closer -- $6.5 million
    Parnell -- $1.7 million
    Josh Edgin -- $500,000
    Robert Carson -- $500,000
    Jeurys Familia -- $500,000
    Jeremy Hefner -- $500,000
    Elvin Ramirez (or minor league free agent such as Scott Rice, Carlos Torres, Greg Burke, Aaron Laffey) -- $500,000

    So what’s the payroll?

    There are different ways to compute payroll, but I’m told by a team insider the logical way to calculate it for public consumption is the year the salary is originally intended, even if money is deferred. (Other ways are totaling the average annual values of each contract, which is the luxury-tax standard, as well as simply how much cash is spent.)

    For our method, Wright’s 2013 figure is $11 million for a payroll calculation -- the contract figure, even though $3 million is deferred. Jason Bay’s entire $21 million is still assigned to 2013, even though the Mets’ actual outlay this year is believed now to be only $6 million. And $31 million is assigned for Santana, which includes $25.5 million in salary and a $5.5 million buyout of 2014.

    That yields a total payroll in 2013, including Bay, of $94.9 million. (Remember, that’s NOT cash outlay; that’s money assigned to 2013.)

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    I don't see the logic in including all $21 million of Jason Bay to the 2013 payroll when we are only paying him $6 million this season.
    "We're snakebitten, baby." --Fred Wilpon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dugmet View Post
    Rolling on the floor laughing my butt off.

    So the Mets have a 95 million payroll but $52 million of that is committed to two players, one of whom will not play for this team and another whose health is questionable.

    So for all intents and purposes, the team's payroll is actually $43 million.

    "Ain't got the call no more. Got a lot of sinful idears but they seem kinda sensible...."

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