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    Low Risk-High Reward guys

    Out of this list of players that could be had on a minor league deal or a league minimum MLB, who would you like most.

    Roy Oswalt
    Derek Lowe
    Joey Devine
    Dallas Braden
    Pedro Feliciano
    Juan Oveido
    Brad Penny
    Cheing Mein-Wang
    Jonathan Sanchez

    Scott Rolen
    Ryan Theriot
    Jeff Baker
    Brandon Inge
    Freddy Sanchez
    Orlando Hudson
    Austin Kearns
    Aubrey Huff

    It seems like we don't have any money left but every year there are a couple of guys who sign on league minimum or minor league deals that have huge years. Look at what Fernando Rodney and Casey Kotchman did for the Rays recently. I'm sure there are a ton of more good examples. Also some of the guys might get a million or something but I think this list is a good example of guys who could have solid years potentially.

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    Dec 2008
    Johnathan Sanchez and Jeff Baker might be at the top of my list. Baker might not have the highest potential but he would be a good utility guy.

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    Oct 2010
    Titletown U.S.A.
    I like Oviedo, he was electric as Leo Nunez.
    Could be a great addition to the bull pen for not a lot of money.

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    Jul 2008
    Anyone by Daiskue. I will not watch any game he pitches.

    I would like to see them offer Dallas Braden a deal. He hasn't pitched for almost 2 years though so it would have to be a minor league deal.

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    Dec 2008
    Oveido (Nunez) would be nice but the problem is that he also had arm surgery in sept. and might miss most of the year. Braden would be a good AAA add, he has a lot to prove.

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    Oct 2006
    Braden interests me the most being young but he's been under the knife on his shoulder so it's gonna take a lot of luck for things to work out there.

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