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That is assuming no one in our minors get better which won't happen.
I know that but right now we have definitely 3 top 100 guys, maybe 4... after this yr we could only have 1 top 100 prospect unless someone makes the jump... but personally I don't see much potential to make that jump yet. Besides Syndergaard, who else might crack the top 100 after this yr? Nimmo? Seems like that could be a stretch.

Just sayin, I see why our farm doesn't get much respect, it's because we really don't usually have a good one. Although the good thing is right now we do. We'll see what happens next yr.

We are likely to suck for at least 1 more season so hopefully we make a good draft pick this yr and next and that would be a big help in assuring our farm stays good after these current guys are promoted.