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    Monta Ellis to Orlando

    Love what this does for the Bucks. They get much better defensively, they no longer have two guards dominating the ball, and while they lose a lot of scoring, Reddick and Harrington are both good scorers off the bench. I think it makes them a much more well rounded team.

    Meanwhile, Orlando gets a primary option that they're sorely lacking, as well as some added flexibility with their shorter contracts. The Harrington for Gooden swap hurts, but getting Ellis for Reddick and Afflalo seems like a nice move for them. They're currently 2nd to last in offensive rating, while they're 12th best in defensive rating, offense is where they need help both this year and next.

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    As a Bucks fan I do that trade in a heart beat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MILLERHIGHLIFE View Post
    As a Bucks fan I do that trade in a heart beat!
    Great for you, lol, but the Magic (as stupid as they are) aren't THAT stupid.

    They're giving up a solid role player in Reddick and Affalo, who they specifically wanted from Denver for Dwight Howard. Not happening. Ellis is good, but not worth that much.

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