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Thread: Wolves @ Jazz

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellington19 View Post
    defensively, at this point in time (with rubio/lee/roy out) we have the worst guard rotation in the league.

    tinsley and watson outplayed ridnour and barrea. like, really?

    it's a sad moment when the only player on your team that looks like they want to actually be there is lou amundson.

    i gotta say, i expected a little more from steimsma this year too. he started off well, but hasn't had much of an impact since his first 5 or so games.

    does anyone else miss lee more than they thought they would?
    dude, we have been getting torched by Point Guards all year because of this. With no Rubio/Lee, we have zip defenders at the guard position. Even Shved has regressed, he is getting tick tack foul calls on him, so he has become less physical.

    That was the worst effort of the season. On top of that, we couldn't make a shot. Something has to give soon. Love's comments couldn't have come at a worse time, with him now having the worst stretch of his career. I don't even notice he is out there unless he bricks a 3 or whines about a no-call. How many ****ing layups are you going to miss Pekovic?

    So frustrating. A season filled with promise yet again being crushed by injuries.

    If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love.

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    Its hard to watch the product that is being put on the floor right now. There was at least one time last night when Love was the closest Twolf to the time line when he shot (and missed) a 3, and was the last guy back on defense. I know the season is long and that we will have better nights ahead, but the lack of hustle and pouting is hard to stomach.

    The one thing I always respected about Kevin was that (before last year) he got his numbers without the offense running through him. He would mix it up with bigger guys, get to the line, scrap for boards, and gave us a toughness that we didn't get with Jefferson. That hustle made up for his lack of athleticism. Now, if Love will only show effort when his shots are falling then its time to find a new leader for this club because the rest of the players will start checking out too, and our last 50 games will look like our last 20 from last year.

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    So, it looks like we simply stopped in Denver and didn't bother showing up to Utah. Wow. Something has to give. We need a shooter, bad. Signing guys to just fill out the roster isn't going to save this team going forward. We need to cut our low risk loss of Roy and get our **** together. He's not coming back and him saying he wants to try something else is only eating valuable time we could be using to turn that roster spot into some sort of production. I love my Wolves until the end, but this season is starting to wear thin on me. Love needs to shut the **** up and focus on ball. Pek needs to see a Lazar's spiritual advisor about some ****ing layups. It's frustrating right now. It's hard to imagine what this team would be like had the injury bug not taken chunks out of this team.

    Also, that quote by Jefferson needs to be posted in Love's locker. Let him know everyone thinks he's a dumbass right now.

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