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    Brandon Webb is done. However, with strong emphasis and the lack of a deep pool of quality pitching several teams are going to look at him. It wouldn't surprise me if our scouting department is witness to his throwing session.

    Nothing more than a minor league contract with incentives to make the 25 man roster and produce for additional compensation.

    If we are smart we move forward without him......
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    Quote Originally Posted by hardcoreicon View Post
    Imagine a few years ago met fans would be drooling over a rotation including Santana, Chris Young, and Webb.

    But we should look into Webb only if he signs a minor league deal. We need a guy that can guarantee innings and not be an injury risk. Might as well try and catch lightning in a bottle with an old Cy Young winnder. Back in the day Webb was a ground ball machine that gave you innings. If we could tolerate spurts of Brandon Webb lite in Mike Pelfrey for all these years might as well sign the real deal and see if he has anything left in the tank.

    Again all for this so long as it's a minor league deal AND we sign someone else that can start the season in the rotation. But considering this move could potentially delay Wheeler getting a shot at the rotation, Alderson might not have the most interest in the guy unless he's getting another proven guy on a minor league deal which seems to be the trend this season.

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