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    Quote Originally Posted by InsaneBoost View Post
    Oh yeah because he turned his life around it changes it all? You serious? So okay, let's just forgive the guys who murdered Sean Taylor as long as they change. That'll obviously make everything okay for his girlfriend, daughter, family, etc.

    Ray Lewis is a POS. I hope the Patriots unleash hell on them and send him out looking like an old worthless man.
    I hate to do it but I have to agree with you here, the guy is a murderer. You guys that are supporting him would feel differently if it was your father, brother, or son that he murdered.

    The guy gets paid to play the sport he loves, it's almost worse than Vick.

    Anyway, this is a non-issue for Skins' fans, let's get back to hoping the best for RGIII.

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    I suppose OJ didn't do it either. I would not take that piece of garbage over Fletch, ever. He doesn't do any more than Fletch except dance, preach and annoy the hell out of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InsaneBoost View Post
    I'd love to see them get slaughtered. That murdered doesn't deserve another trophy, let alone appearance in the Super Bowl.
    I completely agree he murdered someone and then he paid alot of money for a good lawyer to discredit the other lawyer to win

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