The kings have been playing better of late. They killed the celts in a contest where the game was never in doubt even after the refs started to squeeze them. The game before they had a 27 point lead. Yeah gave it up, but they still found a way to get up 27. They are playing better. Chuck all of a sudden is not the center of our team. And james johnson learned how to shoot, I personally feel it was the cornrows that helped him. Even without tyreke this team is playing well. And at the time he went out he was playing like TYREKE! Arron brooks looks like he'll make 7 for 10 from out side. Jimmer looks like show time on the offensive side. I.t. is has been looking like last year's i.t.. and just look at Garcia! Even to outtlaw this team is coming on strong. And we can't forget that Boogie found away to impact the game with out getting 25 points. (With his triple double). As much as I had love Marcus's game I'm off his band wagon untill he takes a better selection of shoots. But it doesn't look like we'll have to see him jacking up shoots soon. Ohww yeah I have to throw out one more prop to Salmons.

We have some injuries but we also have a strong bench. I hope we can work around them. Let's look for a good new year! Good luck Kings!

I hope everyone feels the same. State how you think we are doing and where we are going below.. hope to hear from us.. (the kings fans, what really makes the Kings, Kings!)