Great points by all. dump romo, fire garrett, cut everyone. ( well, i dont agree, but my point is, great arguments by all.)

However, i think most will agree that wont happen. Right or wrong.

Romo is staying. Garrett is staying..

So, i made this thread to discuss ways we can improve, that is actually feasible.

example. alot of you say, get a GM. Not feasible. jerry wont do that. not going to happen. so, nice to argue, but not possible, and not in this thread.

so, this thread, lets discuss ways we can get better, that might actually happen.


My opinion.
Get offensive coordinator.

im actually confused on this. I know, for a fact, jerry jones has said he wants his hc calling the plays, or if defensive mind, calling the defense. he has went on and on about thats what he wants..
so i didnt think it was in garrets hand.
however, at press confrence, it appeared garrett didnt want one..

so... is garrett just saying that cause he knows jerry's stance?

i like garret.. i know im in the minority, but i actually love garrett. but no winning coach is also the play caller...

everyone keeps saying garrett sucks.. thats not sucking, thats talking on to much. if he just called plays, i bet it be much, much better. if he was just hc, he would be better in that aspect.

what coach does what garrett does? that much?

its to much, imo.

norv needs to get in there.

2. offensive line.

thats were champions are made... in the trenches.

free agency is key. levitre is our guy. someone named another guy. i forget. buffalo, and san diego both have a guard i love, cant remember name though..

that alone will do wonders. better line. free agency.

3. get healthy. imo, having either lee, or carter would have won us the game vs. redskins. they wouldnt trick us, or run on us like that if carter or lee was back there. thats a promis.

4. get better...

and what i mean by that, is, we are young. tyron smith 21 years old. he stays motivated, in the weight room, he will be tons better. physically still maturing.

thats the beauty of garrett guys. he got hard workers, that will really bust ***.
livings, bern. they were *** busters.. they werent has good has we wanted, and maybe they wont be starters next year. i know i want new guys, but if nothing else, these garrett guys will be busting *** in the gym, trying to get better. they will be better. good enough? IDK. but i think that across the board, if we do nothing, are team should be, IMO better.

claiborne, carr, dez, murray, tyron, livings, bern. carter, lee, hawford. these guys are young, motivated and big time workers...

they should be better next year.. that excites me..


( guys, i know. in real life, im getting **** on, at work, home, everywhere. it sucks. i hate it. im crying myself to sleep. i love the cowboys. this lose hurt. romo ****ed me. im a huge supporter of him. and there is no next week..

so dont mistake my positiveness in here has being ok with losing. i hate it...

but, this is my happy place... lol...

im in a dark, bad place right now... im just trying to cope.