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Thread: New Years eve

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    New Years eve

    Me and my fiance spent the weekend buying clothes for New Years Eve, both of us got dressed up to spend a nice New Years Eve together. We get dressed up and we decide to spend it in Old Sac. We arrive around 9:20 PM. About 300 yards away from us we see people running, we are still in the parking lot but we can see a mass amount of people running in panic. We never heard anything, but we hear someone yell "what happen?" At this point we are not sure what happen, but we start to hear and see a lot of cop cars and fire engines arriving to the scene.

    We finally get to the entrance of Old Sac about 10-15 minutes after the commotion and we see police tape all around the area, we are trying to get around the police tape to see if we can enter other parts of Old Sac, the only info we get is what we hear people saying to each other as we walk by. I remember a group of Hari Krishna's singing near us. I saw multiple people holding up signs that the world was coming to a end, the scene looked like a bad movie. We start walking down the sidewalk to see if we can find the end of the police tape and we hear the police announce go back to your cars, the activities have been cancelled. I hear some girl say "#4% black people ruining it for everybody." At this point I figure its gang related, I hear stories of a person in a hoodie shooting someone on the ground.

    We go back to our car, get out of old Sac and head to Wal-Mart to buy a cheap bottle of Champagne. We get home about 11:15 and wait until midnight as we watch broadcast TV tell us its midnight. I hear on the news 2 dead and 3 injured.

    We wanted to get old SAC earlier but you know how long it takes women to get ready. My girlfriend looked very beautiful in her outfit. I feel blessed to always barely miss the shootings. Cleveland grade school was the first school shooting and I attended (not at the time of the shooting) that school and I was about a mile away when it happen, I was at the theater watching the movie Colors, and the very next day at the same theater people standing in line for that movie were gunned down, and tonight if we would of showed up 10-15 minutes earlier we would of certainly been in the middle of the shooting instead of in the parking lot, as the area of the shooting is the spot we would of entered old SAC....

    I hope the best for any non gangbangers who got shot as I heard 2 people died and 3 people are injured. After we got home and I heard more details of what happen we heard of a gunman shooting randomly into the crowd. The news said it was a bar fight that worked its way into the street. I hope the people involved are caught and hung by their gonads. I am sick and tired of living in a craphole where everywhere you go you have to worry about violence. When I was a kid you had a problem you used your fists to settle things not guns or knives. The younger generation is a bunch of P$#^&ies now.

    That was my New Years Eve night. Anyone else in Old Sac on New Years Eve?
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