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    Who's Spider?

    Scrap Detroit!!

    Quote Originally Posted by basch152 View Post
    First of all, players like Matthews and Ware actually ARE overrated...

    Quote Originally Posted by basch152 View Post
    No, the best comparison to Miggy is Albert Pujols. And I'll be honest, Cabrera doesn't really compare favorably to Pujols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lionsfanfromsac View Post

    Game of the Year - thanksgiving day classic against Houston
    Sig of the year- jwo, meanwhile in Detroit...
    Banter of the year- det32 vs amberger
    Moment of the year- logan's kneel down w/ camera shot of schwartz
    thread of the year-lions ott #6
    Most improved poster- cwick925
    best non-lions poster- csstl
    Quote of the year- ahoda-driving over zombies
    Rookie poster of the year- rocket
    Poster of the year TBA
    good looking group of winners thus far
    ^^ Our 27th Savior ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuySir View Post
    LFFS is the master at going from goofball to boss

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    I hate that TBA guy I can't believe he won

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