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    If its true Knight is working as hard as they say he does it does make it easier to let him grow...but at the same time I would still love to trade him for my man crush Eric Bledsoe..

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    Well Shyfly thinks all players come into the league NBA ready. He doesn't think it takes some players longer to adjust or become
    Quote Originally Posted by dabiznazz:25062724
    rivers and jennings dont work as hard as knight does and are not as dedicated to improving, he has the true go to work mentality that is a pistons tradition, i say he doesnt show us who he is until next year mid season not all point guards are at their best the 1st two seasons

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    no it has nothing to do w/ me thinking players are suppose to come in to the nba ready. But to get one of the worst assist rate in nba history should raise a red flag in anyones eyes and it shows on the court

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