Has a conference ever been so deep? I mean you look at the AFC and there are some REALLY bad teams. The depth is all in the top 3-4 teams. In the NFC, the Eagles are honestly the only team i have 99% confidence and saying won't make the playoffs this year (who knows with the right coach and a good draft they could be right back in it next year)

Look at the NFC's non-playoff teams
The Lions were a playoff team a year ago and just need a better back 7.
Bears are playoff-caliber and just choked
The Rams took a big step forward and they have all the picks from RG3. Cardinals started off great and could be good with a nice QB.
Tampa looked like a playoff team midway through the season.
The Saints will have Peyton back.
Panthers could have easily been a playoff team this year with better late game play call.
Cowboys will be healthier
Giants won't have to deal with the toughest schedule in the league

NFC will be really fun next year. so deep