I was wondering from the outsiders who don't like skins or follow them on what kind of career RG III is going to have? I am a skins fans, but I just don't know if he can stay healthy. Let's say your team had RG III and the next two or so years and he can't prove to stay healthy, and you had someone like cousins. It's a 2014 deep qb class (I think). Would you trade cousins for mulitple picks in 2014 and draft young qb, someone whose your typical pocket passer. I mean if RG III can't stay healthy, when is it time to move on from RG III. How many years would you give him? What can you see happening in this sceneario? I do think Luck and wilson will last longer just from what I have seen. I've asked on the skins forum, but I wanted fans on the outside to chime in.