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    Nicks and Snee Played Through Injuries Worse Than Some Thought

    I'm sure some more will come out soon (like Diehl's broken hand last year), but can't ever question their toughness...

    Wonder if Webster had something going on.

    Nicks says injured knee needed 6-8 weeks of rest

    Hakeem Nicks was still recovering from foot surgery when he slammed his left knee to the Meadowlands turf late in the Giants’ Week 2 game against Tampa Bay. He was sure it was only “something minor” though until it was still swollen two weeks later.

    Then he had an MRI that showed “something” was torn. And the doctors told him he really needed 6-8 weeks of rest.

    Two weeks later, though, the Giants’ top receiver was back on the field after missing only three games,
    and dealing with an injury that never really went away.

    “It was just a situation where I was gutting it out,” Nicks said on Monday. “I wanted to play for the team and for myself. It was a situation where I felt if I was sitting I would’ve been miserable, so I felt that if I was out there trying to give it whatever I had, everything would work out.”

    It never really did, though, and the fourth-year receiver ended up limping his way through his worst statistical season. The player that GM Jerry Reese calls “the lynchpin” of the Giants’ offense had just 53 catches for 692 yards and three touchdowns in 13 games. That included no catches in the last two, and just one snap in the season finale.

    Still, Nicks – who said he “had to change up my whole style of running this year on the fly with the right foot and the left knee” – had “no regrets” about not listening to the doctors and getting two months of rest.
    Bone spurs added to Snee's painful hip injury

    Chris Snee didn't miss a single game in his ninth NFL season. And apparently, that wasn't easy.

    The Giants right guard spent most of the season fighting through not only a partially torn hip labrum, but also agonizingly painful bone spurs in his hip, according to someone familiar with his situation. Yet he never missed a game, rarely missed a practice, and hardly missed a snap over the final three months of the season.

    He also was voted to the Pro Bowl for the fourth time in his career.

    Snee, 30, first hurt his hip against the Eagles on Sept. 30, when he suffered the previously reported torn labrum. The bone spurs developed over time and got worse late in the season. His hip got "really aggravated" in the second quarter of the Giants' 34-0 loss in Atlanta three weeks ago when his hip got "wrenched past it's breaking point".

    He was "in a ton of pain" at that point, the source said, but he somehow manged to return in the third quarter.

    Said the source: "I have no idea how he came back in that game."

    Snee rarely discussed his hip injury and never used it as an excuse, though he was clearly struggling physically over the final few weeks of the season. He may not need surgery, though. According to the source, that will be determined in the coming days, though Snee and the doctors are considering non-surgical "alternatives".

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    All I know is that he NEEDS to be 100% next year or our offense is gonna suffer. It's amazing how much worse our offense is when he is out/ineffective

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    Anyone with a brain who watched them could tell their was a lot they weren't telling us and their injuries were much more severe then originally thought..

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    Nicks would've done us better if he would just miss weeks of game like what Jennings did with Green Bay and come back when he was 100% then trying to fight with his big blue heart when his body isn't willing to fight with're a warrior Nicks, but please, you're human, you can't just go out there and think you'll manage to fight the pain, you became a liability, unfortunately, and it's not fully your fault...the coaches should've recognized that and should've treated you better until you were 100%.....just try to learn from this experience and do what's better for the team, physically AND mentally.
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    Nicks tried to be like Plax

    I miss 2008 weeks 1-10
    X's and O's Breakdown of each of Eli Manning's 27 Interceptions

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