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    BREAK NEWS: Obama, Congress fail to reach fiscal cliff deal

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The House will miss the midnight Monday deadline lawmakers set for voting to avoid the "fiscal cliff."

    House Republicans notified lawmakers that the chamber will vote Monday evening on other bills. They say that will be their only votes of the day.
    President Barack Obama and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said Monday they are near a deal to avoid wide-ranging tax increases and spending cuts — the fiscal cliff — that take effect with the new year.
    Both men said they were still bargaining over whether — and how — to avoid $109 billion in cuts to defense and domestic programs that take effect on Wednesday.

    It remained unclear whether the Senate would vote Monday.
    Congress could pass later legislation retroactively blocking the tax hikes and spending cuts.
    looks like we're all screwed. thank you self-serving politicians. the whole "fiscal cliff" crisis is ******** anyways. it's self imposed. Congress literally created this whole crisis out of thin air last year to "force" themselves to come to an agreement on the budget this year when they failed to come into agreement last year. they could have easily unimpose this on us if they want to. if Congress never created this made up crisis last year, we wouldn't have to deal with it this year...

    without this little creation of Congress, there's no actual economic repercussion we would've incurred if Congress didn't come into an agreement this year. this is all a political theatrics that gone too far. Seriously, this has to be the first time in the history OF THE WORLD that a country's leader purposely and knowingly shoot themselves in the foot and doom the country at the same time. Usually, when a country gets screwed over, its due to uncontrollable forces either within and/or outside the country...NO leader(s) in history have willingly walked off the plank like our oh-so-great leaders in Congress. This whole manufactured crisis adds a whole new meaning to being "destroyed from the inside." i can't think of a bigger "wtf" moment in the history of ANY country.
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