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    Prime Baron Davis.So explosive and such a playmaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harlequin018 View Post
    Baron Davis is 6'3" 200 with a career FG % of .409. He was also the primary distributor and scorer on a lot of bad teams, yet the most he ever put up was 23 PPG (at the age of 25). He was mediocre at best defensively.

    James Harden is 6'5" 220. He's stronger and bigger and plays like it. Also, he's not the primary ball handler for his team (another comparison of two guys who play different positions on the court). He's a much better shooter (.445 for his career), inside and outside, rebounder, defender and has the superior beard. Oh, and he's just 23. Its not even close.
    But B. Diddy paved the way.

    A touching image in regards to this.

    Quote Originally Posted by bucketss View Post
    your opinion doesn't matter because your basketball iq is 0.
    His general IQ is pretty low as well.

    Quote Originally Posted by rhymeratic View Post
    Shoot I'd even put up Glen Rice and Mitch Richmond in their prime at or slightly better than James. Even Glenn Robinson who is a forgotten beast.

    Quote Originally Posted by LoveMeOrHateMe View Post
    Kobe GOAT LOL
    ^Finally got one.

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    HCA (Homecourt Advantage)
    "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."
    - Michael Jordan

    Thanks MJ-Bulls for the picture.

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