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    Ry31walsh's Mock

    Quote Originally Posted by ry31walsh
    Mock Off season

    Head Coach-Kyle Shanhan

    Kyle is pretty much a prodigy at 33. While his age might scare some people I think knowledge wise having Mike as his dad puts him over the curse. With his lack of age I think the amount of control could be less then an older coach. Ultimately I think there is a higher chance Rod would come back with a younger coach who may agree to him coming back

    While Bates and Kyle never worked together, philosophy wise they would be cut from the same cloth. Both run the same offense, which Cutler and Marshall are similar, having played it Denver.

    Kyleís offenses have always been pretty good at running the ball. Heís got production out of guys like Steve Slaton and hit homeruns with guys like Foster and Morris. I think he would know what to do with Forte just fine.

    Kyleís also got really good production out of average WRs in his career. Jabar Gafney was a 900 WR under him. You can see similarities between Cooley and Rodriguez both being H backs with somewhat similar skill sets.


    Michael bush 2.5
    Adam Podlesh 1.3
    Matt Spaeth 1
    Eric Weems 1

    I just think all of them are making to much for what they are giving us and lack potential, to keep.

    I think the most notable non cuts are Kellen Davis and Hester. Hester still gets us great field position and if he was put back strictly as a returner I think he could get his burst back.

    Davis has been horrible and I get why people want him gone. I just donít want to see the guy put it together on another team, because if he does actually put it together he can be a really good TE. I would at least bring him into camp before I cut him. If you remember he was a DE in college. Lance Louis who had a position change was bad before this year and kind of put it together. Not saying Davis will do the same, but I keep him one more year before I cut him.



    Both guys are set to make 8 million. If you can rework that so they you save money this year and can sign them long term, I think it makes sense.


    Knox-If he gets cleared why not give him a shot. If he doesn't get cleared you don't sign him.

    I believe in team chemistry and this was a top 5 defense. Why change that especially if Rod comes back? Minus Melton I think most of those guys come really cheap.


    Will Beatty T

    Beatty has been the Giant LT the last 2 years. Only given up 6.5 sacks in those two years. I donít think he comes cheap but I donít think heís gets crazy money either to the point where you canít play him at RT. I like Webb, and while a work in progress I see him continuing to improve. If he comes in improved in beats Beatty then you move Beatty to RT. If not Beatty is LT and Webb competes with Carimi at RT.

    Andy Levitre G

    I have heard people say he might get Carl Nicks money, but I disagree. He will get a nice deal but I see it in the 4-5 million range. He flat out isnít as good at Nicks, and doesnít have the size Nicks does. While I see as a guard heís also played center and tackle for the bills. Levitre is a very good guard but not an elite one. Heís never made the pro bowl or the all-pro team, something Nicks did all the time.

    Brandon Moore G

    Moore is a lot like Levitre in that heís a good guard but not really elite. At 33 his price tag is going to be cheap IMO. Brian Waters at the same age I believed signed something like a 2 year 3 million deal with the Patriots. I donít see Moore being that far off that mark.

    Fred Davis TE

    Davis is coming off a serious injury, but thatís always factored in price wise. Part of my reasoning of getting Davis is his connection to Kyle Shanhan. But I like Davis as a player if he can fully recover. Money wise he may be a cheaper option then some of the other Tes out there. Also along with Cutler and Marshall it would give the Bears 3 players who know the offense and have excelled in it.

    Rey Maualuga LB

    I liked Rey out of college and kind of surprised he never became elite. At 25 that window to be great hasnít closed yet. Urlacher is older and the probability of him getting injuried is higher. Maualuga has the talent to do well here IMO. Price wise I think he comes cheap.

    Chase Daniel QB
    The Redskins signed him originally before being the backup for the Saints. By no means is he close to RG3 talent but I think he can do some similar things offensively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ry31walsh

    1)Barrett Jones, C/G/T, Alabama
    Everyone loves this guy, no need to explain

    trade 2nd for a 3rd and 4th

    3rd)Brandon Jenkins, DE/OLB, Florida State
    Kyle if signed eventually would run a 3-4 defense. Jenkins projects well as T2 DE being a bit undersized, also projects well as an 3-4 OLB. The writing would be on the wall to eventually move to a 3-4 most likely. When they do Jenkins and McCellin would be good fits at OLB.

    4th)Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State
    Has nice deep speed and a guy to add to the mix at WR

    4th)Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia
    Bigger CB at 6’2 215, I kind of see the NFL making a shift to bigger CB. You look at Seattle and the success Tillman has had and bigger CB are in

    5th)Michael Dyer, RB, Arkansas State
    Kyle has gotten great production out of later round RBs historically. Dyer has first round talent just a lot of of the field stuff. Worth a shot in round 5 IMO

    6th) Ryan Allen, P, Louisiana Tech
    Cheaper option who could have similar if not better results


    QB Cutler, Daniels
    RB Forte, Dyer, Allen
    HB Rodriguez
    TE Davis, Davis, Adams
    WR Marshall, Jeffery, Bennett, Wheaton, Knox,
    KR/PT.....RB/WR Hester
    T Beatty, Webb, Carimi, Scott
    G Levitre Moore. Louis, Williams
    C Jones Garza
    DE Peppers, Idonje, McClellin, Wooten, Jenkins
    DT Melton, Paea. Amobi, Collins, Toe
    LB-Briggs, Urlacher, Roach, Maualuga, Thomas, blake
    CB Tillman, Jennings, Hayden, Commings, Bowman
    S Wright, Conte, Steltz, Hardin

    Final thoughts

    This defense is a superbowl caliber team. Keeping them together and in the same defense is important as far as how I see the Bears successful in 2013. 2014 maybe you change it up a bit to a 3-4. Maybe you move Peppers then and have Wooten, Idonje and Melton at your Des. Probable sign or draft a NT or put Paea there. OLB you would have McCelin and Jenkins and inside Roach and Briggs. That lineup has potential as a 3-4 to the point were maybe you throw in some 3-4 packages this year.

    The offense is the problem. Kyle Shanhan not only would reunite Cutler in Marshall with the offense they ran Denver, but hes proven to know out to use other WRs in his offense. Jeffery and Bennett actually looked good in the final. If we had a guy that use them better I think the offense is that much better. Rodriguez I could see being a solid weapon as a pass catcher, he just never really got a shot. I look at what Kyle did with Cooley and I could see Evan being the light version of cooley.

    O line wise we flat out need more talent. Injuries happen often so I think you need depth. Competition is something that makes players better and gets the best out of them. In this mock my O line would be Beatty/Levitre/Jones/Moore/Webb. But part of the thought is by no means does it have to play out that way. Maybe things click for Webb and he beats out Beatty, so Beatty moves to RT. The way I look at it Jones possible can play everything. If he looks better then Beatty move him over to RT. Beatty can play both T and has played guard. Levitre have played everything but LT. Garza can play C/G/ Louis G/T, Carmi T/G. It would be nice young core with, Louis 28, Beatty 28, Levitre 27, Webb/Carimi 25, Jones 23. Throw two vets in Garza and Moore and I think you fixed the o line problem, for a 4 year window.

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    Debo is gonna yell at you.

    But I like that line, but I don't know if it's affordable without removing a large contract.

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    The school of Neal Cotts
    Without numbers this seems unrealistic. Plus to Maualuga. He has been downright awful the last 2 years against the run. Decent against the pass but unless he magically learns how to get off blocks and read the holes better, he won't be a player that can take over for Urlacher

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    It's extremely not affordable.

    Again you might as well just pick the 5 best OLinemam in the league and say we sigh all of them. It's the same reality.

    I'm not sure why you started guessing what we would save in cap by cutting people, then just went away from any numbers at all after that.
    Last edited by mikebrez bears/; 01-11-2013 at 02:10 PM.

    our future

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    db75 Guest
    Yeah, no ****ing way is that under the cap. Also, anything that suggests moving to a 3-4 while ignoring our glaring need for 3-4 NT now or in the future is getting **** on bh me

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    Pretty unrealistic.

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    All I can say is that if that were possible, I'd be very very very happy. But, yeah, like everyone is saying, it's just not.

    2016 PSD Cubs IGT record: 16-3 #AuthenticatesWithmyIGTs

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    Money could work out

    Cap space 14.5


    Anderson 480k
    Brandon 405K
    Brown 480K
    Bush 2.5 M
    Decicco 405
    Dennis 405
    Franklin 480K
    Golden 405
    McManis 575k
    Moss 405k
    Podlesh 1.3M
    Riley 405k
    Spaeth 1.0m
    Toliver 405k
    Traham 480K
    Unga 405k
    Waters 550k
    Weems 910k
    Whiteside 405K

    Cap space +12.4=26.9

    Tillman 2013 5.0 Cap space +3
    Cutler 2013 7 cao space +3.4
    Peppers 2012 10 Cap space +7.6
    Marshall 2012 6 cap space +2

    Cap space +16=42.9





    Generally cap numbers are factored with emergency fund and rookie salaries factored in. So going with that with the orginal 14.5

    Second Marshall, Peppers, Cutler and Tillman would take less in 2013 because the contracts would be back loaded when the cap went up in future years. For the players to take less they would need to be guaranteed more. With Cutler, Tillman and Marshall there contracts are close to being up so they would get extensions. Peppers.

    While the caps tight, still kept guys like Kellen Davis and Hester that could free up some more. Something I very interested to understand is just hot does Hesters contract work cap wise. I know he has a 10 million incentive this year but what happens after the date its due? Its been said the bonus is based on number 1 WR production. If thatís they case I canít see him earning more then a couple of million out of that 10.

    But I think it could play a huge factor in what the bears can do in FA. As far as projections for next year the full 10 million has to be counted. If he makes 2/10 million, can the Bears use that 8 million now? Or does it count for dead cap space for 2013?

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    db75 Guest
    Sure, there are a lot of things we COULD do.

    However, the game wasn't to say "oh, we'll just backload contracts because that'll make the money work this year!" If you wanted to restructure, you had to spread money evenly across the remainder of a player's contract. You're skirting the rules to make your mock work.

    Might those things (restructures, backloading, etc.) be things that have to be done this year? Perhaps. But, that's not what we're doing with this game

    /rant, continue being annoyed by people that can't ****ing read nor follow rules

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