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    My Thoughts on Alex Smith

    I was thinking about draft order today and it seems everyone thinks that the QB's will be taken way to early in the draft. All the experts say at best Geno Smith should be picked around the 10th pick and we all know this wont happen. I figure Alex Smith would at most cost us a fourth round pick but more likely a 5th rounder unless he is released which is unlikely. His Salary might hurt a bit at 7.5 but looking at what we can do with the cap i like signing both Bowe and Albert is still quite possible. The key to this is obviously the draft. A Team like St. Louis, The Jets, The Bills or Even the Eagles could move up. In this scenario we get a pretty good pick this year, plus the teams first rounder this year and im thinking at least a second and fifth this year and maybe a fifth next year as well. The Rams might be the exception as we Would probably get both the first rounders this year instead as well as the additional picks. By the way why would those teams move up?
    St. Louis would move up to protect Bradford and the top projected prospect by most is Luke Joeckel and Eagles obviously want this guy bad also so they might think they have to move up. Jets and Bills would move up to choose the QB of choice and im thinking the Jets are very eager for this. Basically the smith signing would put all this teams on Alert that the chiefs wont be picking a QB and but them all in panic mode if they want a certain player. Just an opinion from a die hard chiefs fan.

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    Thats a definite possibility. They could look to mimic what St. Louis did last year & just ask for a haul. Get as much quantity as possible. St. Louis got 3 1sts for Griffin, not saying KC could get that but they could still get a lot, ala Dallas with the Hershel Walker trade. No doubt they will have options, Smith, Vick, Flynn, hell give Vince Young another chance, under Reid who knows what can happen.

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