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Greg Jennings is a #1 WR in our system but isnt even a #2 in any other system...he's just another Javon Walker IMO. Let him leave and no one will ever hear his name again except in the overpaid bust FA.
GJ sis can get bent. Yes, he will likely go to a lesser team for more money and not be the same, but he is a #1 on pretty much any other team. That is the typical course of these athletes. It's what I don't understand. I get that they all want to be "The" #1 receiver and get top money, but they never go to a place with a better team or better QB. Would James Jones have had the year he had on one of the teams he was rumored to sign with....no.

GJ has been a stand up guy his entire career here. I would love him to stay but understand the business side. This is why there can't be any dynasties anymore bc the cap makes it impossible to keep guys. Hopefully he understands how good he has it here with a great QB and offense and take less money to stay, but that won't happen.

Sorry, I got long winded !!