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    Now that i have ripped romo... im gonna rip the team... we do not have a championship team we need to rebuild why cant we as fans accept that... I dont like losing but this team needs a complete rebuild starting in the trenches... every yr you guys think were a few players away from getting over the hump and were not even close... we have had 12 out of 16 seasons with no playsoffs and have only 1 playoff win pathetic and it starts with je rry jones of course... im dead sick of it... o yea lets go get anboffensive coodinator a few offensive lineman and a pass rusher and well be in the superbowl... buncha bs... its time to rebuild if not prepare to have more 8-8 seasons or worse and prepare for us to suck even longer for not preparing for the future

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    They're is no fixation with stats on my end. I'm saying with help we'll still have the same production and my underlining emphasis is LESS mistakes with fixing the line. Hypothetically speaking, if Romo threw 10 less INT's this season it would have easily given us a win or 2.

    Having lineman that can block does wonders when there isn't pressure constantly coming; especially in the "A" gap.
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