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Thread: Jack Reacher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twitchy View Post
    I said in spite of the size he still did a good job!

    And I'm shocked you didn't like the books, they're pretty damn good. I wouldn't consider them that similar at all, to be honest. Killing Floor, Die Trying, Tripwire, Running Blind, The Enemy, Without Fail, One Shot (AKA the movie), The Hard Way, Gone Tomorrow, Bad Luck and Trouble, hell even Worth Dying For, and the Affair are all radically different books. The Affair and The Enemy are set from when he was still in the military, and a lot of the stories are very unique plots.

    61 Hours and Echo Burning were really the only bad books.
    No, I understood that. I just always know that Reacher is 6' 5" like you said, and not as wiry as Tom Cruise.

    Its been a while since I read the books, but my recollection of them is that Reacher comes in and does the same stuff in each book. I could be wrong though as I didn't go further than 2-3 of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmac View Post
    So if I start reading the books do I need to start from book one, or can I just pick up any of them and read them out of order? It looks like there is about 17 books or so.
    Yeah I'd recommend reading them in order.

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    I haven't read the books but I thought this was a good movie. I enjoyed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twitchy View Post
    Yeah I'd recommend reading them in order.
    Alright. I'll start from the first one. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkeye15 View Post
    you named the one actor I will not see due to his personal life haha. I hear all the time Sean Penn is a good actor. I wouldn't know. Fast Times? Yep. But I haven't seen his work in years...
    Penn hasn't had a movie to my liking in awhile, but the guys a good actor.
    Quote Originally Posted by heimdog8 View Post
    I didn't want to throw this information out here. I was a 3 year varsity starter at QB in high school. I played quarterback in junior college as well. I was considering playing division 1 football as well but chose to pursue my career in business instead. However, currently I am helping train with Derek Carr from Fresno State get ready for his pro day and the draft. I am also working with Cody Kessler, the USC quarterback.

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    Just saw it. I thought it was entertaining. Anyone think there could be a potential sequel?

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