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Peterson tweaked an injury in that game. Honestly, I know from a fan standpoint it's easy to say "geez, just play him", but it is a team, and the ultimate goal is to win games. Why continue to put a limping AP on the field when the game is in-hand? Just to get a record? Completely immature way to look at it.

I agree 100%, AP was hurting against HOU and we had the game won. Everyone would call for the coaches head if AP got put out in a game that was already won.

The more surprising thing for me is that the team did nothing at the game to point out the record. You would of thought there would of been a countdown on the scoreboard or something. I had to keep checking on my phone for the stats. Even AP did not know at the end of the game if he got it. I'm sure it will burn him being that close, but he is the type of man that it will only motivate him to go after it next year.