I think it's safe to say anyone can produce with good coaching and stability. Look at the pats. They have had the same core group of players for 10+ years, they can call more plays than anyone else and execute them perfectly. We don't have that. Romo, witten, and ware have been here a long time, but we've had 3 different coaches during that span. Romo and witten probably have 50+ plays that they can both execute together, but it takes more than that to win. Romo had a pretty bad game, nobody can deny that, but this teams problems are much deeper than someone playing qb and at the heart of it all lies jerry jones. Now we are exactly where I didn't want to be. Bad enough to miss the playoffs, but good enough to get out of a top 10 pick. This team showed improvement over last year, and I still feel like we have the talent to contend, but if we don't make some major noise next year, then it'll be time to blow it up and start thinking about the future. Anything less than 11 wins and/or a Super Bowl win is not good enough. Tony romo (who I still love and will continue to support) deserves blame, the defense deserves blame (injuries are no excuse) the coaches deserve blame, and jj deserves more blame than anyone because he made this team what it is.