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I don't get it. I CONSTANTLY hear about how bad Jerry is for the organization, but don't personally see many tangible things that he does wrong.

I don't prefer his hiring of jason garret, but i can't really fully knock garret this year due to injuries.

I DO hold it against jerry that jimmy johnson left, but that was a long time ago.

In a different world, Romo may have never mishandled the fg snap against seattle, crayton may have never dropped multiple perfect passes in 2007, yada-yada-yada...

This Romo-era team has been fairly well run, imho. They've had some crappy luck, occasional uninspired play, and just flat-out missed opportunities.

I live in Boston, and clearly the Patriots are run pretty well. Do you think the difference between Kraft and Jones is Kraft's willingness to delegate power? is that ALL IT TAKES?

Jerry's not perfect, but i'll take him over AT LEAST 20 other nfl owners.

If you choose to respond, if you could be specific about Jerry's detrimental actions, it would be appreciated.
First off, I really believe Jerry WANTS to win...for that I can't fault him.

That said, Jerry Jones is one of the most hard-headed owners out there. The problem is, it's because of this that Jerry hurts the team.

1) We can't have a top coach. We could never have a Belichick because they would constantly clash when Jerry offered his own coaching opinions (and it's happened before...i.e. Johnson and Parcells).

2) Tony Romo. I'm not going to beat a dead horse, but Jerry is such a fan of Tony that we've passed over opportunities at a lot of better QB's over the years.

3) Jerry in the drafting room. We've had a lot of bad draft picks and part of it is because we have a GM that doesn't truly understand the game making picks for the team he also owns. The Patriots don't have to worry about this and as a result, make pretty dang good picks.

So, in a sense, you're right on point. Jerry's failure to delegate to people who know the game a lot more than he does is one of the main differences between this team in Dallas and the one you have up in Boston.