I've been reading a lot of posts here about how Kubiak is our problem...

Honestly it isn't at all. We wouldn't be in the playoffs if it wasn't for him. I really think he makes Schaub look much better then he actually is by calling plays that are suited for him. That is why he's so conservative. It's because Schaub can't handle the big home run passes, he can't make his own audibles at the line. Schaub is a loser and Kubiak's been taking a lot of heat for it. With the team that we have the only way we can win games is to be conservative and manage the clock.

I know for a fact that we won't be able to get past the Patriots if we win against the Bengals next week so in my book I really wouldn't be too upset if Schaub goes out there and does an awful job. If he does this gives us more reason to have a QB competition this off-season with Yates or whoever else we might sign this off season. We will never get over the hump with Schaub as our QB and this is the only real way I can see him possibly losing his job.

Next season with Cush healthy, draft upgrades, and possibly Yates as our starter we should have a much better year. The secondary, ILB, and QB problems have to be fixed.

What do you all think?