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Tell him if he doesnt restructure he has 0% chance of starting again for the NY Jets. Tell him he will be the 3rd string QB behind Mcelroy.

Sanchez is young and hopefully eager to show he can still be a viable option at the QB position. This upcoming year is the perfect opportunity for AVG QB's to land starting roles on some teams. Im sure Sanchez is well aware of this.

Cards, Jets, Jags, Chiefs, Vikings, maybe Raiders and Bills all have very weak or no QB at all.

Restructuring his contract might be the best thing for both parties. The Jets could possibly make his contract more team friendly like the Mets did with Jason Bay.

Sanchez doesnt lose much by way of the gurantied monies owed. Jets maybe defer the cap hit over a couple years, making it easier to move him.
Yeah, that will get it done.