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I disagree and I dont appreciate you laughing at me like that I wouldn't laugh at someone just cause I disagreed differently than them. Its childish. So do you think we should hang on to mark even tho you think hes not good? Im not following your logic.
Fixed your grammar.

Moving on... Literally EVERYONE is disagreeing with you because Sanchez is really one of the worst QB's in the NFL and has no value at all. Teams don't trade great QB's for great CB's. No matter how good Revis is, because of his position, he doesn't impact the game like a great QB does. Therefore, all of you're proposals will not happen.

We are stuck with Sanchez for now unless someone takes a trade where we get back basically nothing in return because we won't cut him cuz of his contract. We'd take more of a cap hit if he's cut then if we just keep him on the roster.