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    that looks a little better
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuySir View Post
    LFFS is the master at going from goofball to boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by whooligun View Post
    So we fire the guy who coached Calvin to a new record, promoted the guy who taught Pettigrew to be so damn unreliable, got burned by a guy we should have fired months ago, and are gonna be replacing them with old friends and ex-coaches from the ****ing Jaguars?

    Sounds about right. "Same ol' Lions".

    Scrap Detroit!!

    Quote Originally Posted by basch152 View Post
    First of all, players like Matthews and Ware actually ARE overrated...

    Quote Originally Posted by basch152 View Post
    No, the best comparison to Miggy is Albert Pujols. And I'll be honest, Cabrera doesn't really compare favorably to Pujols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocket View Post
    we didnt fire anyone they werent resigned.
    Different but the same
    Lions #1 draft need: New ownership

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