Im not trying to be jerk or nothing, but there are guys on this team who regularly drop passes. This thread isnt about the game today, Im speaking on the SEASON. Im thinking of two guys in particular that Ive seen do this alot. I dont wanna name names, hey Kellen Davis and Devin Hester this aint about you I promise. I know that you cant catch EVERYTHING, but there are two dudes in specific that struggle catching the ball ESPECIALLY on third down. If we make the playoffs, Davis and Hester arent going to magically catch everything in site. Everyone in the league drops, but when I see Cutler target Hester and Davis for any pass of signifance or on a third down pass, I sit back thinking, "I know he aint catching that."

If you were Cutler, and you saw the same guy dropping passes all year, would you "freeze out" those guys or keep targetting them? Do you like the idea? Is it being a bad teammate? Would you do it if you were a QB? I really have been thinking that if a guy continues to mess up, you as a QB should straight freeze his *** out as punishment. If I were Cutler, I'd tell Kellen Davis "just block, but Im not throwing you ****".