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    If you think teams really care that much about seeding in week 17 then you don't know football. The bye would have been nice but it really hasn't mattered much for teams looking to win it all. The Texans were more focused on not getting any of their stars hurt than anything else (since key injuries have killed them in the playoffs recently).

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthSideRookie View Post
    lol I never criticized the Broncos for that performance, I said they have recieved criticism from others and Denver fans looked at it as just another though divisional game, rightfully so by the way.

    It's nothing new and you'll see it happen again next season.

    We'll just have to agree to disagree.
    the first game between the two. The game where Denver went to Arrowhead, which is a place Denver has never been successful, dating back to the Elway years? Arrowhead is one of the tougher places to play. They played bad, but not one loss this year Denver had was a blowout and they lost to teams early in the year who are top seeds. Texans can be damn good team in the playoffs but if they give up 25+ points, they won't win. Schaub can't carry an offense for 4 quarters.

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