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    Nov 2012

    Should the Packers toss the game against the vikings?

    I know this sounds extremely stupid, but I was just thinking. Should we just consider next week a "bye week" for our starters and let the vikings win? It would almost guarantee giving up home field advantage vs san fran but I don't think they will be too good in the playoffs anyways. Im still not sold on Kaepernick. If the vikings win it guarantees the Bears and Giants don't make the playoffs. Two teams which seem to have our number. I know we have a streak against the bears but its often a close game, anyways what are your thoughts? I know it sounds dumb just want peoples opinions.

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    It sounds so dumb and an NFL team would never do this......

    BUUUUUUUT!!! It makes perfect sense

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    Dec 2011
    I see where you coming from but I donīt like it. Get the bye.
    The Giants have the Packers number it seems and the 49ers are a bad match up. But if you want to be the Super Bowl champ, you should win against anybody IMO

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    I know you werent expecting a positive reception but you threw out the idea to talk about it.

    It is something i thought about but i decided that it is absolutely not an option.

    You must field the best team possible, play your best and always hope to win. Nothing is guaranteed and in the end you must trust your team and your players to win. You do not worry about other teams; if you are the best then you got to bet the best.

    Green Bay needs to put their best foot forward in order to win as that's all they can control. No need to get into bad habits; winning any game no matter what the implications are should always be the goal. I dont care what match up we have; we have the best player in the league, period. I will put Rodgers up against anyone in the league.

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    I am counting on the Cowboys, Giants and Bears losing and us beating the Vikings so we can get the first round bye. We'd be home against any team except Atlanta, and the Packers play better in Atlanta than they do at home in the playoffs. And there is a chance the Seahawks could get home field advantage over the Packers if we lose to the Vikings, and the last place I want the Packers to go is Seattle.

    So no. Tossing games is poor sportsmanship in my opinion, even worse than running up the score. I would be upset if it looked like they tried to lose.

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    I was counting on the Packers to go balls out next week, but chicken hawk fans like the OP make me sick. but I am not surprised to see a thread like this from a Packer fan and even less surprised to see others agree.

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    So you would rather play an extra game then play in Seattle or San Fran rather then just getting a bye and playing at home? Dumbest thing I have EVER heard.
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    This signiture sucks but I get my point across, I'll pay someone for something more legit! Go Vikes!

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    No. MM made that mistake last year by benching Arodg week 17 against the Lions.
    He already said he isnt doing that again. And im happy he isnt. Everyone needs to get in and stay in a groove together.

    [Packers/Lakers Lover]

    "If Rodgers were even just simply as good as Brady or Manning in the playoffs, his team would almost never win. Instead, what we've seen is a super hero act."
    -Peter Bukowski

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    May 2011

    Win the damn game.

    Crush the Queens.

    Keep them out of the playoffs.

    Don't let AP sniff at the record

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    Just beat the Vikes... Pack will be a 2 seed, the Giants or Bears would be a 6, the Pack wouldn't see them until the NFC Championship in Lambeau. For that to happen, the Giants or Bears would have to beat San Fran or Seattle AND Atlanta.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't worry about the Giants or Bears, it's unlikely they'll be in Lambeau.

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    You play to win the game!
    If I facepalmed any harder I would have cracked my own skull.

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    Hell no, losing takes out momentum away and it may not seem like t cause it's by choice by I would argue resting is always poor unless the person is hurt and at risk of furthering it. The Vikes will be a hot team where the giants ad bears are slumping. The bears don't have our number and don't see the giants making it. I would rather have a playoff bye you don't give players 2 weeks off. I would rather play the Niners at home than on the road look what the home field did to Kaepernick last game Lambeau can create a similar affect. With the number two they have a shot at home field throughout if the falcons fall in the divisional round. Just no

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holydiver View Post
    I was counting on the Packers to go balls out next week, but chicken hawk fans like the OP make me sick. but I am not surprised to see a thread like this from a Packer fan and even less surprised to see others agree.
    "U mad bro?" has never seemed more appropriate.
    Quote Originally Posted by percyhoward View Post
    I must have misunderstood the smily. I thought I was offering him an orange.

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    the bears seem to have our number? the bears?

    the bears do not match up well against us, period.

    i want to face the bears in the playoffs because its a game we should easily win

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    Jul 2008
    I thought about this as well. I would rather they have the bye though.

    I really hope the Cowboys beat the Redskins next week. I think they suck and the Redskins are a scarier team. Whoever gets the 2nd wildcard is going to be a one and done. I'm not scared of either the Vikings or Bears in the playoffs and I think the 49ers would take care of either anyway.

    They're going to play the 49ers in the 2nd round regardless. I would rather they play at Lambeau.

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