Im down 139-116 in the second round of my leagues championship matchup. Im torn on who I should start because of meaningless week 17 games/players resting.

Which TWO of these players should I plug into start at WR2/Flex:

Danario Alexander vs. Oakland
Ahmad Bradshaw vs. Philly
Jeremy Maclin vs. NYG
Julio Jones vs. Tampa
Sidney Rice vs. Rams

Jones has been in my starting lineup all year but I am worried ATL may bench their starters b/c they have nothing to play for. Right now I am leaning towards going with Alexander and Bradshaw.

PS: It would be a major upset if I lose. My team finished 9-3-1 in the regular season (first place) and is stacked with AP, Charles, Brady, Dez Bryant, Aaron Hernandez (10 team league). Ill also be missing out on $100 bucks. My waiver wire defensive strategy has killed me lately. Started NYG last week and they got me -7 points. Starting them again this week :cry:

I even resorted to recently picking up Tim Tebow for my bench and dropping the useless Jonathan Stewart. Tebow is a good luck charm

Last minute feedback greatly appreciated!