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He's not a SS as in he never should have been put at the position in the first place. It's a defense first position.
So you're happy about how keeping Cesar Izturis and dealing Young worked out? Hell, maybe AA should see if the Marlins want Reyes back for Hech since it's a defense first position. Dumb questions? Perhaps, but that's the same obtuse thinking you're approaching this with.

Jeter is similar, he's all bat and no defense,
All bat no defense = just THE GREATEST SHORTSTOP OF THE LAST 15 YEARS (well, besides A-Rod if you wanna put him there).

when a guy is worse at short than Jeter, and the general consensus is that he's a good SS, when the numbers clearly state otherwise, that's where I see the problem.
That he was/is a poor fielding SS? Who's denying that part?

People loved Young for the position he played, and you yourself pointed out his supposed value. He holds value IF he can play defense too.
He could have held more value if he could have played better defense, he can and did still hold value while playing poor D.

Otherwise, he's just another Adam Dunn. The value diminishes considerably when the guy sucks at half the game.
Adam Dunn belongs nowhere near this conversation. You're talking about complete opposite ends of the defensive spectrum there.