As a giants fan I am sickened by Perry Fewells comment about Justin Tuck. I personally think our GM needs to look at what he's done and show him the door. Our OC and DC need to be shown the door. For a DC to call out one player is pathetic. Perry Fewell you need to look in the mirror and take a long hard look at the job you have done which was a complete joke. One person on the defense cannot win a game and the finger should not be pointed by other defensive players who did not step up either, at all. I have been a Giants fan since I was little while my family has been a season ticket holder for over forty years, and to go from winning a super bowl to not even making the playoffs is very depressing. We need a change and not with our players. The change needs to be the OC and DC. I cannot stress that enough. Our players have the talent, they just need the proper coaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!