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    Announcement: Please Stop Going Into the Jazz Forum

    I know this a public forum. I also know that there shouldn't be impediments regarding the navigation of this site, however, there has been a lot of animosity between Warriors and Jazz fans on this site that has really ruffled some feathers and led to some banishment amongst the Warrior and possibly Jazz PSDers.

    Due to this animosity, I'd like to ask you guys to stop venturing into the Jazz forum. We are not welcome in there. I'm sure many of you find it funny/annoying/stupid, but we aren't here to talk Jazz basketball.

    Any complaints, concerns, or thoughts can be sent to me or MackShock through PMs.


    You Warrior Mods

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    Exclamation Warriors/Jazz Warning

    Over the past months, there have been Warriors fans going in the Jazz forum to bait and troll, and vice versa - Jazz fans going into the Warriors forum to troll. Handing out infractions and bans does not seem to work so just consider this your last warning - if it continues longer bans will be handed out.

    Keep in mind that anybody is welcomed here as long as they are respectable and/or not baiting. If the issues persist, please continue to report the posts.

    The team leaders of these forums may go ahead and PM me if you want so I can expand on this since I certainly don't want to step on anybodies toes.

    Free As Seagull.

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    This is your last warning from the TM's here in Warriors forum about going into Jazz forum.

    Bans will be handed out if its continued..

    Please see above.

    "From the stomach at birth, till I'm under the earth."


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