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    stainless steel for several hundred dollars?

    yea thats not a complete ripoff... anyone that pays that much for steel jewelry is a moron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonJohnHorn View Post
    I'm aware of that, but that said, none of my Muslim friends wear crosses (or, by extention, the star of David). Those are symbols from other faiths, so yes, even though Islam incorperates elements of the Judeo/Christina culture into their beliefs, it is far from common for them to embrace symbols from those religions.
    is religion based on some neo corporate structure or individuals belief in deity

    wtf are you talking about edit your Op and remove religious ignorant connotations other than that have a great newyear and my last post here

    go to jared shaq

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    And......religion has made its way to the NBA forum. Things are getting ****ed up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny_Powers View Post
    But most of what he touches off the court is garbage and his jokes are lame. And I hate basketball.
    Shaq Diesel is the debut album by professional basketball player and rapper, Shaquille O'Neal, released on October 26, 1993 through Jive Records. The album, which featured production from Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Def Jef, Erick Sermon, K-Cut and Meech Wells, became a surprising success, reaching 25 on the Billboard 200 and eventually reaching platinum status on March 21, 1994 for shipping of one million copies.

    Two singles from the album also managed to fare well on the charts, "(I Know I Got) Skillz", made it to #35 on the Billboard Hot 100 and managed to reach gold status on December 21, 1993 for shipping of 500,000 copies, while "I'm Outstanding" made it to #47 on the Hot 100. A third single entitled "Shoot Pass Slam" was also released, but did not make it to the Billboard charts.

    Shaq is also the highest paid player in NBA history with over 300+ million in earnings.
    Say what you want about Shaq but he is smart when it comes to money.

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