The thing here is that

English league wasts TWICE or THRICE the budget on marketing and publicity around the world, than the rest of the leagues in europe combined.

They ahve also made a ton of effort to do publicity for their league in Asia, particualry in China.

Also in their favour is taht USa is their excolony, speaks english and is a hughe market to exploit, then you have other excolonys as Australia, New Zealand, and India/pAkistan, and theyr "small" population.

Spanish Liga international market is ....i wont say smaller, cause southamerica has quite the population but definetly POORER money wise.
And They havent really exploited the asian market.
Same can be said for Italy.

The perception of EPl as a superior league comes from Media bombing that idea night and day to 3/4 of the world .
Nothing more nothing less.