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    Eric Young Jr. Stats

    The closed string debated a Young for Turner swap...please dont close single topic threads and fold them into nine page long threads on general topics...those long ones get too long and cumbersome to read after awhile.

    Here is why EY may be a good fit for us.... switchhitter 27 who over a four year career totaling 601 ABs he has 103 runs scored, 62 SBs and a .266 BA that rose from .245 but jumped to. 315 last year. He plays CF and 2b so that fits well....NJ native is nice too. Turner is a nice player but Young would more than make up for him.
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    EYj has never played SS in professional baseball. At the moment, Turner is the Mets backup SS on the 25-man roster -- unless you think Brandon Hicks is capable in that role. If so, then your point is stronger. If not...
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    Eric Young Jr. Stats

    There is no need for a thread on every single player you think the Mets should go after. Discuss it in one of the many other outfield option threads that are already on the forum.

    The other thread was closed because it was an old thread made a year ago.

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