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    Ian. Guest
    I have a buddy who quit recently with the help of a vaporizer. He had cherry flavored nicotine oil he used. Said it helped immensely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHGHCP View Post
    It isn't. Sometimes the dosage can give too much nicotine as well, defeating the purpose of just having "one puff".
    I don't know too much about them, but like other have said, it's still nicotine, which is bad for you.

    I know several people who have quit smoking/dipping, and apparently cold turkey is the best way to do it. they say your grumpy for a few days, then your fine.

    however, I've never had to quit, so I can't say first hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankeefan54 View Post
    Quit cold turkey. My mom just quit smoking for 4 months and had been smoking 21 years. Was hard for the first 3 days or so then no problem.
    I find that pretty odd. It took me a month and a half of not smoking to finally get over the addiction and the cravings. It was miserable and I regret ever smoking

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    Chicago, IL
    4 months in a couple days, I dipped for a little but you have to understand that you don't fully quit smoking til you quit nicotine. I haven't had any nicotine in over 2 months now and its pretty sweet, not a single cig when i was drunk or anything.

    That being said my cousin quit smoking and is now even more addicted to e-cigs.... He literally went from smoking cigarettes to smoking a e-cig at all hours of being awake. He uses "its vapor" as an excuse to puff inside and outside. Hell he spends 20 bucks a day on 2 of the things. His sister quit smoking was on e-cigs, now went back to cigarettes and to quote bubbles "is she ever on the cigarettes hard"... I had to drive with her to peoria for work and she was smoking a cig every 10-15 mins, it was disgusting. I think the e-cigs made her want nicotine more.
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    Well, I don't use the patch every day. Only the first few days were bad after quitting but when you do have a craving, I'd like to know I can puff on a electronic smoke as opposed to relying on the patch when I really don't need a 24/7 effect. I have a friend who's been using the electronic smokes for months and his g/f has been using them for over a year(ones they got online). The one's at the corner store are awful and don't have nicotine. The one's online do contain nicotine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yaswaggin View Post
    Aren't they still bad for you?
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    Nicotine is bad for you no matter what people say.

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    The only good cigarette is a dead cigarette

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