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The argument I usually read for Morris is that he should be measured against his peers for his era. That from 1977 (you could even go back to 1976) through to 1992, nobody won more games than Morris. I do believe over the course of an 18 year career, win total should count for something. But that said, there's far better statistical arguments to keep him out of the hall.

As for Kent, his career WAR places him in HOF territory alone. All but 4 secondbaggers with higher wars are in the hall. We could extend this into a debate regarding Biggio, Whitaker, etc but sticking to Kent...

Among second basemen...
HR: 1st all time (377 homers. Next up was Rogers Hornsby at 301. Honestly, on that stat differential alone, he warrants serious consideration.)
RBI: 3rd all time
Doubles: 4th all time
OPS: 11th all time
Runs: 12th all time
Hits: 12th all time
Games played: 13th all time

To me, he's a hall of famer.
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Really pitcher wins is what you are account his HOF status on?
It was even in his first sentence... not sure how you missed it.