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Berkman said they wouldn't pay him enough, he said a number 3 hitter on a losing team deserves around $8 million. He pretty much said that he'd be giving up his chances on winning another ring by signing with us. Which I completely understand. Pay the man the extra cash to bring him home, even at this point he'd be a good DH. Let Pena and Wallace platoon at first and give Wallace some time at 3rd as well.

1. Jose Altuve
2. Jed Lowrie
3. Lance Berkman/Carlos Pena
4. Carlos Pena/Brett Wallace
5. Justin Maxwell
6. Jason Castro
7. Brett Wallace/Matt Dominguez
8. JD Martinez
9. Fernando Martinez

Isn't too bad of a line up. Berkman would bring depth to the batting order. When I made this line up I realized how slow we are... SMH.
If you can find me somewhere that Berkman specifically said the Astros wouldn't offer him enough money I'd like to see it. The only things I've read were fairly general terms, talking about the right circumstance and wanting to get payed like a number 3 hitter should. Also, the Astros today said they've still been in contact with him recently. IF they don't sign him, it's not for lack of trying. I don't think signing him helps or hurts the team much short or long term, but it'd be neat to see.