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    Brewers Sign Mike Gonzalez

    I personally thought we were done making moves, but this is a great signing.
    If he can do for us what he did for the Orioles a couple years ago its a no brainier plus he is a lefty. Never hurts to have more diversity in the bullpen

    The deal is for 2.25 MM for 1 year plus incentives.
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    I like this move a ton more than the Gorzalanny move. I believe he is getting 2.5 for one year. Gonzalez is a guy who could be a lefty specialist, setup, even close. Good move, the pen looks a lot better to me after this move.

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    2.5 million plus incentives million for one year.

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    May 2012
    This is a great move

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    Bullpen is starting to round out a little bit.

    1. Axford
    2. Badenhop
    3. Gorzelanny
    4. Gonzalez
    These guys are all locks to make the teams

    5. Kintzler
    6. Henderson
    Have 1 foot in the door heading into spring training based on their success last season.

    The 7th spot will come down to the guy who doesn't make the rotation. I'm torn on what I think would be best. I think with 2 lefties already in the bullpen and his relative experience Narveson will be in the rotation as long as he's healthy and shows something in spring. Estrada has significant experience in the bullpen, but he was also really good as a starter last year and he deserves a rotation spot. Fiers was pretty damn good last year so I expect him to win a rotation spot as long as he doesn't flop in spring. That brings us to Rogers, Thornburg, and Peralta. I think Thornburg probably starts the year at AAA. So that narrows it down the Peralta and Rogers. Peralta is definitely not going to the bullpen so he's either in the rotation in Milwaukee or in Nashville. The key is the decision with Rogers. He has an extensive injury history so I definitely think there are benefits to him being able to be on a set schedule where he has a full warm up routine. I also think he could be an awesome reliever, but I have some concerns about him being able to be a work horse reliever. I feel like they'd more likely have to baby him like they did Saito a few seasons back.

    The 5th spot in the rotation and the 7th bullpen spot are going to be very interesting.

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    I think Peralta had to be in the rotation. He has by far the beat stuff out of anyone of those guys.

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    I really like how we're rebuilding our bullpen in the offseason. No huge splashes, but some solid veterans who I think will be big upgrades over last year. Think about it, had we blown as many saves last year as we did in '11, we'd have been in the playoffs. I think our offense will be fine for one more year (Aramis, I think, only has one more year left of very solid numbers). Let's get ready for some baseball!

    Best Backfield Ever.

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    I doubt this would happen, because for some reason Milwaukee doesn't want Marcum back it seems like, but I would offer him a 1/7 deal with a vesting option next year for 8 M if he reaches a certain amount of IP (150?) So the total deal could be 2/15 which is more than fair for both sides.

    Then I would bring back Alex Gonzalez in the 1/2 range although he might get more than that and might have a better chance at starting elsewhere.


    1. Aoki RF
    2. Weeks 2B
    3. Braun LF
    4. Ramirez 3B
    5. Hart 1B
    6. Lucroy C
    7. Gomez CF
    8. Segura SS
    9. Pitcher


    Maladando C
    Gonzalez SS
    Schafer CF
    Gamel 1B/3B/RF etc
    Green 3B


    1. Gallardo
    2. Marcum
    3. Estrada
    4. Fiers
    5. Peralta


    CL: Axford
    SU: Henderson
    MR: Gonzalez
    MR: Kintzler
    MR: Gorzo
    LR: Badenhop
    LR: Rogers

    Something along those lines looks pretty solid. The big question mark is the rotation. Can Estrada/Fiers/Peralta keep the success from last season? I think a healthy Marcum is a very, very good pitcher as he has shown in his time as a Brewer. Estrada last year was very, very good and the FIP/xFIP etc confirmed that. I think he is a poor man's Gallardo though. Very similar in terms of the pitches they throw.

    The bullpen is another question mark. I think Axford is a lot better CL than he did last season but he isn't as good as he was during the playoff run in 2011. Gonzalez/Gorzo gives the Brewers two quality LHRP something they haven't had in quite awhile. I also think Badenhop is a much better pitcher than Kameron Loe at a cheaper price.

    Overall, it's been a really solid off-season. Wrap it up with Marcum and Gonzalez and that would put payroll around 82-84 M which is pretty close to their budget and Mark A/Melvin has said previously they are flexible with the 80 M amount.

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    Realistically that is an 80 win team.

    We need a lot of things to go right if we want to contend with that team.

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    The key for whatever is put out there is being healthy. Last year's team once Greinke was traded was pretty much the same as what they're going to trot out to start the year. I'd like to see a veteran bat like Gonzalez and possibly another outfielder with some experience because I'd rather not stick Hart back in the outfield if someone goes down there.

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