my mistake with the yardage, still though it is the NFL and these guys do have pride as well. im sure the pack isnt going to come out there and gift him that record, and if they have a good game, he probably doesnt make it to 2k. then what? still a great season, but not even in the top 5 all time? it doesnt mean anything really, he's still badass. just not that big a gap. i dont really watch that much viking football, but against the texans he did nothing in the air. is he one dimensional? a complete back? i mean people just on a whim throw him on the pedestal, and wow how amazing, his knee is bionic he healed in 2 weeks. i mean take it easy.

steven jackson with a decent offensive line would be lethal i agree he's got plenty of tread left. he made a crappy line look decent for a long time too, i guess he's one of the few greats in the history of the game