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    Mar 2012

    Lets go nets!!!!

    hahhahahahahahha yeah ooooooooookay! they gonna be better then the Knicks, lololololololol....

    changing cities dont make them a better team....

    its the same nets that were in NJ.... its the same joe johnson that was in Atlanta... its the same brook lopez who cant rebound.... lolol this team is a JOKE!

    brooooooookyln... brooooooooooklyn.....

    they stink... bottom line....

    also tell Deron to push away from the table... he is a fat, out of shape loser.. which come to think of it is perfect for the New Jersey Nets....

    this team is a total joke.. no depth, no leaders, its just awesome to watch this train wreck
    - most PSD mods are morons -

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    Aug 2007
    Perfect example of when being a sports fan goes too far

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