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Thread: Parody movies

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    Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Everything else is crap.

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    alot of the recent ones suck but there are good parody movies
    -old mel brooks movies
    -the first austin powers
    -casino royale(the '67 version)
    -dont be a menace
    -i'm gonna get you sucka
    -not another teen movie
    -the monty python movies(holy grail and life of brian are the two funniest movies ever made)
    -naked gun
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    Oh **** yeah...Naked Guns are great movies. I like Spy Hard and Wrongfully Accused as well...Leslie Neilsen was hilarious and awesome.

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    No, You Can't Invade My Butthole
    Quote Originally Posted by ElFuturoDeESPN View Post
    Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Everything else is crap.
    don't you dare try to undermine i'm gonna git you sucka and hollywood shuffle.

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    Scary Movie 1 is the best one, nothing will be as good as that one.

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    A few have been good such as the first couple Scary Movies as well as Not Another Teen Movie. For the most part though the parody movies haven't been up to snuff.
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    Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein are some of the funniest movies ever made.

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    I'm not really sure what qualifies as a parody movie but I imagine it involves using the movie to make fun of some other aspect of movies or culture. If so I think one of the most amusing movies that I have seen in some time fits that bill.

    Iron Sky was really good and really bad all at the same time. It was kind of a parody on our culture and how we are. A woman that is clearly supposed to be Sarah Palin is president and we sent people to the moon with the headline "Black to the Moon".
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    I voiced my opinion on the state of parody movies in the Scary Movie 5 thread. In a word, awful. The best parody / satire movies today aren't even recognized as parodies, and they don't make as much money as the Scary Movie franchise.

    It's kinda embarrassing how a genre with a main purpose of poking fun at recurring cliches and outdated mores of films are full of cliches and outdated mores of the parody genre.

    Everything after Scary Movie 2 in the Scary Movie franchise was awful. It sucks that I even liked the first two Scary Movies because, without even realizing it, the creators made a satire film of a satire film. Many people don't realize that the Scream franchise is a satire. To make a satire based on a satire is close to the equivalent of wiping your butt before you poop. It just doesn't work. Admittedly, the first two Scary Movies were funny. The first two are on a different level than rest of the series (as well as the Date Movie, Epic Movie, Disaster Movie and all that crap). The problem with the aforementioned films is that they are films made under the pretense of poking fun at other films when, in reality, they spend far too much of their time making fun of cultural phenomenon that will be outdated and forgotten two years after the movie is made. Now this works with South Park because South Park is very intelligent with their satire about cultural phenomenon. South Park makes a bigger statement than just individual jokes about cultural fads. For example, in the lowering the bar episode where James Cameron tries to find where the bar is, they are making a statement about the state of reality television, raunchy television and culture in general with an ever-lowering bar. However, in films like the new Scary Movie coming out, they make cultural jokes that are not in line with the context of the film. The Charlie Sheen scene is a good example. He's getting his balls crushed in a door (that joke is so freaking hilarious because I haven't seen testicle-crushing humor ever in my life, especially not ten thousand times in ten thousand movies and ten billion times on ten billion episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos). Anyway, his quip, if you can call it a quip, about him coming back from worse situations than that is... Well, it's just laughable in a pity type of laugh sort of way, not in a comical sort of way. Three years from now, nobody is going to remember Charlie Sheen's debacle, and therefore the joke won't be funny anymore. Neither will the joke of Lindsay Lohan screaming at her parole being removed. Why? Because in two years, five years or maybe ten years, Lindsay Lohan won't be a household name anymore, and people might vaguely remember her and her legal troubles, but it won't be fresh, it won't be the recent gossip, and therefore it won't be funny. I would be willing to put ten dollars down in a bet that they will have a Jersey Shore reference that will have nothing to do with the plot. In five years, that will also be obsolete because nobody will remember Jersey Shore because the people on Jersey Shore have no talent beyond a life devoted to hedonistic ideals, and they certainly won't have a continued career in entertainment because people will get sick of them.

    And the jokes are so obvious, too. Let's spoof Paranormal Activity. What can we do? I know! Let's make five jokes about being pulled across the floor! Nobody will think of that! Genius! Too bad there are at least two spoofs coming out soon that have thought of the exact same thing. There was a lot of potential to spoof Paranormal Activity. I could write a ten page outline full of better jokes than will be found in the entire ninety minute film.

    Then you look back on some classic spoofs. Like Airplane. Airplane was a satire based on the era's disaster movie phase. The Poseidon Adventure, Tower of Terror, Airport etc. The reason Airplane is still a beloved, cherished and valid satire is because Airplane didn't rely on specific scenes in the film, cultural fads that would be outdated and invalid or an overuse of physical comedy. Instead, it took a plot point of the films of the genre (disasters) and they made a film full of wit and timeless comedic tropes. That is why the satires of that age, and most satires with Leslie Nielson (I know he was in a couple Scary Movies, and his parts were the best in the entire series after 2) are still laughed at while Epic Movie, Date Movie, Disaster Movie, Scary Movie and the like are in the Wal-Mart five dollar bin a month after hitting DVD shelves.

    Like I said earlier, the best satires of today aren't even recognized as satires by most people, and they aren't successful either because for some reason only God knows, the majority of Americans are attracted to this less-than-intelligent brand of comedy. Probably because it's simple.

    In the meantime, truly great satires are largely overlooked and sadly fail at the box office. Cabin in the Woods was one of the best horror satires ever made and a lot of people came out of it complaining because they thought it was stupid and didn't make any sense. Most true horror fans, however, absolutely loved the film because of its director-described love-hate letter to the horror genre. Tucker and Dale Versus Evil is criminally underrated both as a film and as a satire. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, although moderately praised and somewhat successful, didn't get nearly the type of box office success with their two phenomenal satires Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead went largely unseen by most of the public.

    For comparison, their hugely inferior film Paul made more money at the box office than both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz combined.

    I remember I went to Hot Fuzz with my sister when it first came out. The theater was about half full. My sister and I were dying laughing throughout the whole movie because we were blessed with the ability to recognize intelligent humor when we saw it. I didn't hear one other person laughing throughout the whole film. I'm not trying to insult anybody here, but most people just can't grasp humor when it isn't simple, explicit, obvious and, quite frankly, dumb.

    So the answer to your question of, "who pays to see these?" is the American public. The majority of the American public is very easily amused. They prefer physical and simple comedy to witty and clever humor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by long ball View Post
    I could be making this up, but iirc Not Another Teen Movie was funny.
    Not another teen movie was pretty of funny, yes
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    Dbtsswdyjith was hella funny.
    Scary movie 1-3 were good to Tolerable.

    All the recent date movie, disaster movie, not another teen movie, vampires suck etc... Suck!

    I can't believe that those movies get made.
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    Ian. Guest
    Scary movie 1 &2
    All Naked Gun movies
    Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
    Cabin in the Woods

    That's about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by long ball View Post
    I could be making this up, but iirc Not Another Teen Movie was funny.
    That one was pretty funny. I liked The Breaks also.

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    They need to make a parody movie movie where it just makes fun of parody movies the whole time.

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    Originally from MA
    These stupid ones like steelcityroller mentioned are just awful minus Scary Movie(loved the Usual Suspects ending with Doofy) and Scary Movie 3 was alright.

    But then you have all the films of Mel Brooks(****ing genius), Leslie Nielsen(Airplane! included), Monty Python(more genius), This Is Spinal Tap, Johnny Dangerously, UHF(I liked it), Galaxy Quest, Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright

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